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Machine Learning may lead to unfairness › Evaluating causes of algorithmic bias in juvenile criminal recidivism
juvenile recidivism and algorithmic fairness ... Read More ›

Machine Learning may lead to unfairness › Fairness in machine learning - the case of juvenile criminal justice in Catalonia
joint blog post with Songül Tolan ... Read More ›

High frequency magnitude spectrogram reconstruction for music mixtures using convolutional autoencoders › Music Bandwidth Expansion
autoencoders in frequency domain yet again ... Read More ›

Review of interpretability in machine learning › Interpretability
Inside the black box ... Read More ›

Telefonica internship › Catastrophic forgetting
Hard attention on the task ... Read More ›

Deep learning source separation for hip hop and classical music
Source separation papers at ISMIR conference and MML workshop... Read More ›

Sound and Music Computing conference
Paper on generating training data for deep learning source separation methods... Read More ›

Python meetup Barcelona
Talk on deep learning for source separation... Read More ›

PyData Barcelona 2017
Deep learning workshop presented at PyData... Read More ›

Interview for the NTN24 in Spanish
I gave a short interview for the South American news channel NTN24... Read More ›

Doctoral Students Workshop › Open science award
Award given for research reproducibility ... Read More ›

Orchestra source separation featured in the news
A few articles in Catalan, Spanish and Romanian on my PhD... Read More ›

Barcelona python March meetup
Testing with travis, concurrent tasks with celery, interactive plotting with plotly... Read More ›