Interview for the NTN24 in Spanish

I gave a short interview for the South American news channel NTN24...

The South American news channel NTN24 asked me to talk about thePHENICX project and orchestral music source separation. This interview follows up the journal article we published last year (December 2016) and the dataset associated with it:

M. Miron, J. Carabias-Orti, J. J. Bosch, E. Gómez and J. Janer, “Score-informed source separation for multi-channel orchestral recordings”, Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2016))”

They presented the prototype done by VideoDock and talked about non-negative matrix factorization (is this the first time NMF appears in the mainstream media? :) )

PHENICX source separation has been already in the news (in Spanish, Catalan and Romanian) in February 2017. Read more here.

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