Research dissemination

I participated to and organized various events, seminars, winter-schools, round-tables related to science.

2022 MTG Challenges and Opportunities in Music Technology

The processes of creating, disseminating, learning and listening to music are being completely transformed by artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies. This project proposes an open discussion among the different stakeholders (music industry professionals, music creators, listeners, music students, archivers, music tech developers…) to identify the problems and opportunities that the use of AI and other emerging technologies have in the whole music sector. I help organized the questionnaires, interviews, and round-tables.

2021 Sonar+D AI and Music Festival

I took part to the discussions for one of the AI and Music Festival’s roundtables. Technology has defined musical sounds, structures, genres, and styles throughout the centuries, and in 2021 we are pretty much sure that AI will define the history of music for years to come, and that it will gather audiences that will identify with this new music made with AI. Participating in the discussion are: Libby Heaney (artist, coder, quantum physicist), Nabihah Iqbal (musician, musicologist), Jan St. Werner of the band Mouse on Mars, and…. the computer scientist, myself.

2019 European researcher’s night

This was the closest I could get to the general audience: informing people you meet on the street in a simple language. It is not often that one has this chance and I found it difficult and fun to adapt the research findings we normally present within conferences.

2017 Sonar Innovation Challenge

I menthored a team of researchers, developers, and musicians to develop a prototype for a music app.